I have been looking for the perfect way to package some cards to give as a gift.  I found a super cute note card holder at Qbees Quest.  This holder was exactly what I wanted, except it’s the wrong size for the cards I have been making.  I Adjusted the measurements and have created step by step instructions for a box to hold 5.5 X 4.25 cards.


Card BoxI loved the way it turned out so much, that I decided I will use it for several gifts.  Since I want to reuse it, I made a cut file for the Cricut Explore (I love that it will score for me).  There are separate project files for the base, lid, and I even made a file to cut the pieces of design paper for the lid

10.75X11 card stock for the base
9.75X6 Card stock for the lid
Designer paper scraps (a whole sheet isn’t needed)
Printable Card Box Tutorial

Here is my pattern:

Box Pattern

1. Cut the paper you will use for the base to 10.75 X 11 inches.

Cut Card Base Cut Card Base






2.  Score the 11 inch side at 4.5 and 6.5 inches.

Score at 4.5 score at 6.5






3.  Turn your paper so one of the 10.75 inch sides is on top.  Score this side at 10.25 and then rotate it 180 degrees to the other 10.75 inch side.  Score again at 10.25 to get the other .5 inch edge.  Score this side at 8.25 and 2.5.

flip and score Score 1 Score 3 score 4











4.  Turn your paper back around (so that the 4 score lines are going up and down).  cut out the bottom flaps.  Be sure to leave tabs a bit past the score line.  I drew dotted lines on my paper to show where to cut.

2014-06-11 02.24.03Now it should look like this, but without the writing on the tabs 🙂

2014-06-11 02.28.46


5. Cut the edges of the tabs (see example).

2014-06-11 02.33.17

6.  You may want to cut a pretty edge on the inside edge.  I used A Spellbinders Label Die in my Cuttlebug.

2014-06-11 01.53.18 2014-06-11 01.53.54






7. Fold all score lines.

2014-06-11 02.37.48

8. Glue along tabs and create box.

2014-06-11 02.41.05 2014-06-11 02.43.45






9.  Punch a small hole on each side of the box.  A crop-o-dile punch works great, but a thumb tack works too.

2014-06-11 02.59.14 2014-06-11 02.59.50






Now for the lid.  Here’s my pattern.

Lid Pattern

1. Cut your paper to 9.75 X 6.

Cut Lid

2.  Score the long side at 2 and 7.75

score lid 1 score lid 2






3.  Turn it the other way and score at 2 and 4.

Score lid 3 Score lid 4






4.  Cut the two top corners out completely.  On the bottom corners leave a bit of paper below the score line for a tab.  See picture.

Cut out the corners

5. Cut the tabs to form angles.

angle tabs

6.  Cut 2 squares of design paper (1.75 X 1.75) and 3 rectangles (1.75 X 5.25) and glue these onto the lid.

2014-06-11 19.17.04 2014-06-11 19.19.37






7.  Poke 2 holes on top of the lid, one on each side near the score line.

2014-06-11 19.22.43

8. Fold along all score lines.

Fold score lines

9.  Glue along the edges of the flap farthest from the tabs.  Attach this tab to the back of your box.

Glue to lid to the back of the box

10.  Glue the lid together by gluing the flaps  to the front.

Glue tabs 2014-06-11 19.33.41






11.  Thread the end of the ribbon through the hole and tape it down inside the box.  Thread the other end through the hole in the lid and then down through the other hole in the lid and into the box.  Tape this end down also.

2014-06-11 19.41.37 2014-06-11 19.42.28






12.  Fill the box with cards and envelopes for the perfect gift!Opened card box


13.  To close the box, gently close the lid while keeping the ribbon tight.  The ribbon will help keep the box closed.